Veil provides a passive medium by which fund managers ("GPs") and prospective investors ("LPs") can exchange information with each other. Veil is not a broker-dealer or exchange and has no involvement in the purchase or sale of securities. It does not provide investment advice to LPs nor does it negotiate the terms of purchases and sales of securities for any party. Veil does not hold investor securities or funds. However, as GPs may wish to pay based on an LP's commitment as a result of a connection provided by Veil, Veil's principal Jim Hardin has become an agent of an independent registered broker-dealer, Emerson Equity LLC.

GPs registered on Veil do not undertake any form of general advertising or solicitation and do not make a public offering of securities. Although Veil provides highlights and lowlights for GP attributes, these are meant to facilitate an LP's own work and do not constitute a recommendation by Veil as to the advisability or suitability of investment in any security. In addition, Veil does not undertake sufficient diligence to verify information provided by a GP, although Veil may engage an independent third party to investigate any GP suspected of providing false or inaccurate information. Upon completion of any such investigation, Veil may remove the GP from the network.

Veil only seeks qualified institutional buyers ("QIBs"), and those meeting at least qualified purchaser requirements ("QP," as defined by the SEC, and the equivalent in other jurisdictions) are able to use the platform as LPs. All LPs seeking access to Veil must provide evidence, if requested, in order to establish their status. Although Veil pre-screens LPs for qualified purchaser status, if a GP-LP relationship turns into a prospective investment by an LP, the GP must act in accordance with its own compliance procedures in order to assess the suitability of an LP.

Veil and its parent company Fund Investor Toolkit, LLC ("FIT") do not provide any placement services to GPs listed on the platform. However, a number of GPs seek to pay solely on a "success basis." Because of this, Jim Hardin (Veil's principal), has become an agent of an independent registered broker-dealer, Emerson Equity LLC. None of Veil, FIT, or their affiliates, are investors in any fund on Veil, and therefore, we believe the only potential conflict of interest to an unbiased GP profile is if a GP is compensating Emerson Equity LLC based on a successful LP commitment. Veil does not select GPs nor promote one at the expense of another based on how Veil or its principals are paid, and we rely on our perception of the quality of GPs on the platform to demonstrate that the aforementioned potential conflict does not in fact lead to a real conflict.

If a contingent fee is consummated, then securities are offered through Emerson Equity LLC, Registered Broker-Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC