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Alternatives investments typically require long-term lock-up of capital, and we believe only sophisticated investment professionals should even consider undertaking diligence on alternatives. Alternatives carry many risks--there is no guarantee of returns--and investors in alternatives may lose all principal.

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*Potential LP members: Veil profiles illiquid alternatives managers and only seeks LP members who meet the threshold of a qualified institutional buyer ("QIB"), including at least $100 million of assets. Smaller potential LP members must still meet the definition of a Qualified Purchaser ("QP") and are typically declined. Veil currently has fewer than five (5) LP members below the "QIB" threshold. If any of the terms contained on this site are unknown to you, then Veil is not for you.

GPs may pay Emerson Equity, LLC. Veil founder Jim Hardin is an affiliate of Emerson Equity. GPs may pay fees to Emerson Equity if an LP eventually invests with that GP.

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